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Alja Malis

Specialist in movement and exercise in pregnancy and after childbirth

Personal trainer holding NCSF, CPT, AFP, DNS, FMS licences

Founder of the Exercise Clinic

Alja is mum to Brin and Nika Luna and founder and trainer at the Movement Clinique. Her first birth was caesarean and second vaginal, and in between she experienced many of the problems of modern mothers, from pelvic pain and symphysis pubis to diastasis recti (spacing of the abdominal muscles), all of which she successfully corrected herself, as well as helping thousands of other mothers to do the same.

Her success in solving problems is based on the depth and breadth of her knowledge and interest in the holistic functioning of the human body, including posture, healthy eating, breathing, stress management and brain strengthening.

Alja likes to say, “We are what we ‘move’, what we digest and what we think”. Our body is shaped by how we use it. Sometimes we lose our compass and the biggest step to solving problems is ‘body awareness’. When we have awareness, we are already halfway there.

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