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Our Experts

At Golden Tree, we are proud to work with the best experts in their respective fields. Years of experience and a desire to help people are the main virtues of our experts, and together with our team, they are sure to lead you to better health and well-being.

Miha Geršič

Physical transformation and healthy lifestyle expert

Miha Geršič, co-founder of a popular website on the topic of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and visited by more than 200,000 people every month.


Sabina Blumauer

Primal posture expert (Gokhale Method), coach, physical trainer and training leader

Sabina Blumauer is a biologist who has been professionally working on back pain relief through the restoration of the primal posture since 2013. She teaches the Gokhale Method and is one of the few teachers of this approach in Europe. This is the leading method in musculoskeletal pain relief and is based on anthropological and anatomical research.


Dr Matic Fabjan

Cosmetic surgeon

Dr Matic Fabjan is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. He has 20 years of experience in the most demanding procedures in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is one of the co-founders of the Fabjan Aesthetics and Fabjan Medical clinics, which have helped more than 30,000 patients over the past two decades. He specialises in cosmetic surgery, outpatient cosmetic procedures and laser procedures.

Alja Malis

Specialist in movement and exercise in pregnancy and after childbirth
Personal trainer holding NCSF, CPT, AFP, DNS, FMS licences
Founder of the Exercise Clinic

Alja is mum to Brin and Nika Luna and founder and trainer at the Movement Clinique. Her first birth was caesarean and second vaginal, and in between she experienced many of the problems of modern mothers, from pelvic pain and symphysis pubis to diastasis recti (spacing of the abdominal muscles), all of which she successfully corrected herself, as well as helping thousands of other mothers to do the same.


Chief Physician Dr Darija Strah

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

For 25 years, she has been searching for new solutions and treatments for women at all stages of life. She is the founder of the private diagnostic centre Strah-PCOS Clinic and provides expert care for all women’s health problems.


Dr Tomislav Majic


Dr Tomislav Majic is a cardiologist and founder of a cardiac rehabilitation centre.

He has been certified by the medical board for internal medicine, cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as for cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial and venous Doppler sonography.


Dr Eric Wood

Doctor of Naturopathy and licensed theocentric specialist

Dr Eric Wood is a Doctor of Naturopathy licensed in the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is licensed as a theocentric healing specialist by the Commission for Religious Counselling and Healing. This allows him to carry out a wide range of non-invasive, non-drug based treatments and therapies. In his work, he identifies spirituality as an essential force that helps people heal.


Dr Tina Fabjan, BDS

Dr Tina Fabjan, BDS, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana in 2005, and subsequently honed her expertise in various dental services across the globe.

She places a strong emphasis on aesthetic dentistry, encompassing procedures such as teeth whitening, dental scaling correction, and the use of invisible braces.

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