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Dr Eric Wood

Doctor of Naturopathy and licensed theocentric specialist

Dr Eric Wood is a Doctor of Naturopathy licensed in the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is licensed as a theocentric healing specialist by the Commission for Religious Counselling and Healing. This allows him to carry out a wide range of non-invasive, non-drug based treatments and therapies. In his work, he identifies spirituality as an essential force that helps people heal.

He practises general medicine in a holistic way, supported by expertise in oncology, diseases related to environmental biotoxins and preventive healthcare, and also deals with children’s well-being, adrenal problems, digestion, fatigue and hormones.

In 2009, as an ILAD Fellow, Dr Wood completed a study on tick-borne diseases with renowned experts such as Dr Richard Horowitz, Dr Quincai Zhang and Dr Bernard Raxlen. He is currently completing a fellowship with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, an expert on moulds/biotoxins. He has also worked as an observer and volunteer at some of the most important integrative cancer clinics in North America, including Issels, Medicor and the American Cancer Society.

As a nationally recognised naturopathic expert, he appears on various US television networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC and the CW.

In his spare time, he enjoys music and is a singer with the Miami Lyric Opera.

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