Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift | For radiant skin, strong hair

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  • favorite Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • favorite Uses the patented ingredient OVODERM®
  • favorite Contains collagen types I, V and X
  • favorite With hyaluronic acid
  • favorite With vitamin C
  • favorite With elastin
  • favorite Delicious cherry flavour
  • favorite Dissolves completely
  • favorite Developed with the help of experts
  • favorite 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • favorite Suitable for vegetarians

Packaging: 150 g
Number of doses: 30

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Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift is considered the optimal solution for everyone – men and women alike – who want to feel as confident and youthful as possible in their bodies.

It is a product that we have developed in collaboration with experts on the basis of a special patented ingredient called…


In essence it is eggshell membrane, which boasts a unique composition, containing exactly those active ingredients that are considered indispensable in the cosmetics industry.


These are:

✅ Collagen
✅ Hyaluronic acid
✅ Elastin and
✅ Vitamin C

This unique composition is the main reason why it is a patented ingredient. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical studies, which have led scientists to some fantastic conclusions.

The combination of these ingredients, which are found in the eggshell membrane – Ovoderm®, results in:

💙 180% better collagen synthesis
💙 94% fewer inflammatory conditions of the epidermis
💙 44% less prominent wrinkles
💙 35% stronger skin barrier
💙 26% better skin elasticity
💙 9% stronger brightening effect when sunspots appear

This is due to the optimal composition and, of course, the extremely high absorption.

Each of the ingredients is considered an indispensable piece of this complete mosaic, which, when used regularly, delivers fantastic results.

To make it clear why, here are a few words about each of the active ingredients.



Collagen is considered the most abundant protein in the body and, among other things, makes up about 70% of your skin.

It is the building block that makes skin:

💙 Supple
💙 Firm
💙 Radiant

The challenge arises because, over the years, the body is able to produce less and less collagen due to various factors, and signs of ageing start to appear.

This means that if we want to keep our skin looking as youthful as possible, we need to help our bodies by supplementing our intake of this protein.

The great advantage of collagen, which is found in Ovoderm® is that it has three different types of collagen.


💙 Type I collagen
💙 Type V collagen
💙 Type X collagen.

You can think of them as building blocks of different shapes that come together to form specific structures – the ones your body or your skin needs at a given moment.

Hyaluronic acid

In addition to collagen, three other active ingredients play an important role in Golden Tree Derma Lift.

The first is hyaluronic acid.

It is an active substance known for its role in regulating the amount of water in the tissues and acting as a kind of lubricant.

It is probably not surprising that individuals who struggle with dry and wrinkled skin suffer from a deficiency of this vital element. That’s why we are delighted that this active ingredient is also part of our unique solution.



In addition to the two ingredients already mentioned – collagen and hyaluronic acid, we must not forget the third ingredient – elastin.

Like collagen, elastin is a protein.

Its name reveals its main characteristic, as it is a skin building block that plays a key role in skin elasticity. This means that it allows the skin to stretch and then return to its original state. It is a process that must be as seamless as possible if we want to have beautiful skin with as few wrinkles as possible.

In addition, elastin (like collagen) helps to strengthen the skin’s structure, which means it helps maintain skin density and prevents skin from becoming thin and fragile.

Vitamin C

The icing on the cake is the indispensable vitamin C, which plays an important role in the production of collagen for normal skin function.

It is the fourth piece of the puzzle that boasts a synergistic effect, which is why the whole formula is so effective.

The following fact ensures that these are not just promises.

Vitamin C
Collagen Derma Lift

Satisfaction guarantee

We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with every purchase. In practice, this means that you can try the Golden Tree Derma Lift for two months – risk-free!
If our solution doesn’t meet your expectations within this period, we’ll refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

Even if you just return an empty pack! All this simply because we are so convinced of the effectiveness of this fantastic solution.

Finally, one more important piece of information.

Although it is basically egg collagen, which may raise some doubts about the experience itself, any concerns are completely unnecessary.

Without unnecessary additives, we have succeeded in producing a drink with the superior cherry flavour.

What’s more, the powder dissolves completely, which has the added benefit of making it easy to consume regularly, so you can enjoy top results in the shortest possible time.

All this with the help of the unique Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift.

Active ingredientsPer 5 g% RDA*
OVODERM®300 mg/
-Of which: Elastin75 mg/
-Of which: Hyaluronic acid12 mg/
Vitamin C160 mg200%

Ingredients (per 5 g): inulin, natural flavours, OVODERM® (75 mg elastin and 12 mg hyaluronic acid from soluble eggshell membrane) 300 mg, acid: citric acid; sodium L-ascorbate (vitamin C: 160 mg/200%*), beetroot powder, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia. 

*RDA – recommended dietary allowance


Recommended daily dose: Mix the powder (5 g = 8.5 ml on the scoop provided) into 200 ml of water, smoothie, juice or other liquid once per day. Take during or after a meal. Allow the powder to dissolve completely before swallowing.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.
After opening, store the product in a cool, dry and dark place.


What does our 60-day satisfaction guarantee actually mean?

Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee ensures that everyone can test Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift risk-free for a full two months or 60 days. If the solution does not meet your expectations, we will refund the full purchase price without any further questions, even if you send an empty package to our address (send an email to customer support for the return address). We take on all the risk, and you can test this fantastic solution for two months – care-free.

How should I take Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift?

We recommend mixing 5g of powder (5 g = 8.5 ml on the scoop provided) into 200 ml of water, smoothie, juice or other liquid once per day. Allow the powder to dissolve completely before consuming. Take the drink during or after a meal.

How long does one pack last?

One pack of Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift is enough for 30 days.

Is the Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift food supplement only for men or women?

This effective solution is suitable for both No, we've designed the solution to work for everyone and men, regardless of age (although it is not for minors!), gender or fitness level.

Is Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift also suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! The source of all these active ingredients is the eggshell membrane, which means that it is a drink that is also suitable for vegetarians.

What are the active ingredients in Golden Tree Collagen Derma Lift?

The exact composition is as follows...
Ingredients (per 5 g): inulin, natural flavours, OVODERM®(75 mg elastin and 12 mg hyaluronic acid from soluble eggshell membrane) 300 mg, acid: citric acid; sodium L-ascorbate (vitamin C: 160 mg/200%*), beetroot powder, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia.
*RDA – recommended dietary allowance

Considering it is made from eggshell membrane – does it taste good?

There is no need to worry. Together with a team of experts, we have developed a drink that boasts a superior taste and perfect solubility. Of course, it took a lot of testing to get it right, which makes it all the more satisfying.
And don't forget that you're protected by a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If by any chance the flavour does not suit your taste, we will refund the full purchase price without further questions, and you send the rest of the unused content to our address.

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    Slovenia Slovenia

    I would recommend it

    The product is of exceptional quality and so effective. I'm very satisfied after testing it, as it exceeded my expectations. I've noticed that my skin has become more toned and radiant, and I have also noticed an improvement in my hair and nails. Without a doubt, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their appearance and well-being.

    Slovenia Slovenia

    Collagen Dermalift is one of the few products that contains everything you need

    I knew that one of the active ingredients that could help me was collagen. However, there is a flood of collagen products on the market. So I started researching and found that your Collagen Dermalift is one of the few products that contains everything you need and there is no need to buy several products at the same time to combine them. That's why I ordered it.

    Slovenia Slovenia

    I started taking your collagen

    Hi. As I approach my 50s, I can notices changes are already happening to my skin. I decided I wanted to make a change for the better. I started taking your collagen.

    Robert M.

    Healthy and elastic skin

    My skin has become healthier and more elastic after using Collagen Derma Lift, the best product so far.

    Nina G.

    Radiant skin every day

    Every day I notice how my skin is more radiant and tighter after using Collagen Derma Lift.


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