Knee Relief

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  • favorite Two thin silicone straps are sewn in to prevent the sleeve from slipping
  • favorite A special layer is added to allow ventilation of the area behind the knee
  • favorite Elastic structure for quick and easy fitting
  • favorite A special 3D knitting technique for breathability, moisture wicking and a comfortable fit
  • favorite A silicone ring at the front of the brace protects the knee from impact
  • favorite Two side stabilisers to give extra support to the joint

Size: universal
Colour: black & grey

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If you too are struggling with:

❌ Frequent pain in the knee area
❌ Feeling unsure about doing activities
Loose knee ligaments
Stiff joints

then we have great news for you.

That’s because there is a solution that can help you completely change your life and help you live your everyday life the way you want and deserve.

No more:

❌ Feeling unsure when walking
❌ Missed events with friends
❌ Waking up worried, not knowing whether knee pain will ruin another day

❌ Feeling helpless

All this with an affordable, completely painless and super-simple solution that gets you back to enjoying your favourite activities in 30 seconds.

Golden Tree Knee Relief is considered to be a unique device that combines the features of a traditional knee brace and a knee sleeve, which is one of the main reasons why can be deemed a holistic solution.

Thanks to its specific structure, the Golden Tree Knee Relief offers so much support to the knee joint that you can easily resume an active lifestyle (despite the pain you were experiencing before).

At the same time, an active lifestyle strengthens the muscle tone of the fibres near the joint, which means additional relief that, in combination with the knee brace, will help relieve the joint to the greatest extent possible.

This is because…

If the level of movement is reduced due to intermittent pain, sooner or later the muscle mass starts to decrease, which of course means that more and more force is exerted on the joint itself. This is reflected in worsening pain and, of course, an increasingly monotonous and static lifestyle.

That is what you must avoid at all costs.

It’s a shame to sit on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself when there’s a solution as effective as Golden Tree Knee Relief, which gives your knee the support it deserves in 30 seconds and gives you a fresh dose of motivation to get back to your favourite activities.

Well, here’s how it’s possible, and here’s a list of the great features that the Golden Tree Knee Relief knee sleeve boasts.

#1 Thin silicone strips

The first feature that deserves attention, as it ensures that the sleeve stays in place at all times, are the two thin silicone strips sewn into the upper band of the sleeve, which prevent it from slipping out of its optimal position during activity.

It’s annoying to have to keep adjusting the sleeve, so we’ve made it easy to do away with the inconvenience that comes with conventional knee braces.

Golden Tree Knee Relief Features

#2 Protective silicone ring

The knee is particularly vulnerable in team sports (football, handball, volleyball, etc.). Not only because of the rapid changes in speed and direction, but also because the likelihood of contact is even greater.

And any impact is extremely uncomfortable for an already sore knee joint.

That’s why, unlike most knee braces that “forget” about this risk, we have decided to add a supplement to provide additional protection against direct contact.

To this end, we have added a special silicone ring to the Golden Tree Knee Relief sleeve that hugs the kneecap but does not restrict mobility.

#3 Lateral stabilisers

It’s no secret that the stability of the joint depends on the structure of the brace itself, so we are very excited to reveal that Golden Tree Knee Relief offers additional support thanks to two lateral stabilisers that are already sewn into the brace itself in such a way that they do not restrict movement under any circumstances, nor do they have a negative impact on the wearing experience itself.

Nevertheless, they are considered to be exceptional stabilisers of the knee joint.

#4 3D knitting technique

Not only stability or effectiveness…
With regular use, it is also important how the knee brace feels when it is in place.

To make the experience as pleasant as possible, we have used a special 3D knitting technique as the basis for the design and construction of Golden Tree Knee Relief.

This specific technique allows for constant ventilation while ensuring that the area covered by the sleeve is kept as free as possible from sweat, which can otherwise have a negative impact on the wearer’s experience.

#5 Optimum structural elasticity

The best part is the optimal elasticity of the sleeve itself, which means you can quickly position it where you want it, and it grips the key areas of the knee joint very well.

We’ve combined all these unique features into one solution to ensure that Golden Tree Knee Relief delivers the results you want, allowing you to do the activities you love with joy and ease.

Whether it’s running, tennis, hiking, cycling or any other sports – Golden Tree Knee Relief does the job, whatever the situation.

So, if you are experiencing any of these problems, we strongly recommend that you get your Golden Tree Knee Relief sleeve as soon as possible, as it will undoubtedly help you to overcome the nagging feeling of insecurity, knee instability or uncomfortable pain, and get back to living life to the fullest.

And don’t forget…

If the device does not live up to its reputation and the pain continues, you are protected by our 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that you simply need to send the sleeve to our return address and we will refund the full purchase price.

You can’t say fairer than that!

Now, it’s up to you to take the first step.

Knee Relief

The use of a knee sleeve is also recommended by Dr Mächtig, a specialist in orthopaedic surgery.

Dr Mächtig works at both a private clinic and a general hospital, where he performs numerous surgical procedures.

In his spare time he helps people as a moderator on a large online forum, answering people’s questions about orthopaedics and neurosurgery.
Dr Mächtig is also a licensed personal fitness trainer, holding an international license from the National Council on Strength & Fitness and a member of the internationally renowned Association of Fitness Professionals, where he lectures on sports medicine and functional anatomy.

  • Nylon: 70 %
  • Silicone: 20 %
  • Lycra: 10 %

Before doing any activities, pull on the sleeve around the knee, high enough so that the kneecap is in the centre of the silicone ring that indirectly protects the knee from impact.

When fitting, make sure that the wider part of the brace is above the knee and the narrower part is below the knee.


Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse well.


What sizes of Golden Tree Knee Relief are available?

The sleeve comes in a universal size, as the elasticity ensures that it fits 95% of knee joints.

It also comes in a neutral black and grey colour that can be quickly matched with many outfits.

What types of knee pain can it help with?

If you suffer from tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other similar problems, Golden Tree Knee Relief may be the right solution.

Does the sleeve slip off when you do exercise?

No. The knee brace contains two thin sewn-in silicone straps that prevent the brace from slipping as you move, so there's no need to worry about this.

Can I wear it all day (for example at work) or just when I'm working out?

Yes! Golden Tree Knee Relief can be worn all day long, even when running or exercising – or simply at work.

Can I wear it under trousers?

Yes! We've designed Golden Tree Knee Relief to be mostly invisible under trousers, so you don't have to worry about friends, family or strangers noticing it.

What if Golden Tree Knee Relief doesn't fit my knee properly?

Golden Tree Knee Relief has been designed to fit most knee joints thanks to its advanced materials. We guarantee a perfect fit, otherwise we'll refund your purchase price.

Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to return the product, and once received at our warehouse, we will refund the full purchase price.

Can I buy Golden Tree Knee Relief in shops?

No, Golden Tree Knee Relief is sold exclusively online to avoid additional 'middlemen' costs, so we can make it available at a lower price.

I have knee discomfort while I sleep. Can I wear Golden Tree Knee Relief at night?

Absolutely! Wearing it while sleeping can help with the joint tightness that occurs during the day when activity is more intense.

What about Golden Tree’s 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Knee Relief comes with a satisfaction guarantee! Unlike most companies, Golden Tree actually cares about your pain and wants you to get the relief you deserve.

If you feel that Golden Tree Knee Relief is not worth at least 10 times your investment in terms of pain relief and stiffness reduction, please let our friendly customer support staff know within the first 60 days. They will give you the return address, and simply send the product back and we'll refund your entire purchase price – every last penny.

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    Victor V.

    Great improvement

    My overall comfort and mobility have significantly improved with the use of this insole.

    Tina U.

    Confidence in every step

    Now I can walk without fear of my knee bending or hurting.

    Sam T.

    Incredible support

    I can't believe how much difference this insole has made in my life.

    Rachel S.

    Best purchase

    This insole was the best purchase of the year. My knee is much less painful.

    Peter R.

    Aids stability

    My knee feels much more stable and secure with this insole.


    £29.90 Including VAT