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Active Move โ€“ User reviews

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Posted on: 29/01/2024
Active Move โ€“ User reviews

Do you feel like there’s no room in your life for running, hiking or other popular activities that require good joint mobility?

Do you feel every day you feel that your joints are running out of time, and almost every move of yours is torture?

If your answer is yes to at least one of these questions, we sympathise!

It’s a fact that any pain is a blow to your well-being, but joint pain reigns supreme among the most traumatic pains.


Because it has an extremely negative impact on quality of life by slowing you down and making movement difficult.

No matter how desperate you feel at the moment, remember this: It’s not time to give up and resign yourself to fate. You still have every chance to lead an active, pain-free life.

The overwhelmingly positive experience of our users after taking Active Move natural capsules proves that it is possible to get a clumsy body and rusty joints moving again.

If you have doubts and don’t believe that these capsules could change your life, read our users’ first-hand experiences.

Honestly? Despite the capsules’ top-notch composition, most of them initially had doubts about their actual effect.

Well, let their stories do the talking.


It’s true what they are promising.
After just a few days of taking them, I felt less pain in my hips and knees, and now, after a month and a half, almost no more, even if I walk a few kilometres, which I couldn’t do before.
I highly recommend it!

Maggie [verified customer]


I took the supplement for 3 months and was very pleased with the improvement. The pain in my knee has decreased a lot, and the swelling is almost gone. Now, half a year later, I am going to order a new bundle, as the effect is gradually wearing off.

Nina G. [verified customer]


Very good. At the beginning, I took it as instructed for 2 months without interruption. The next time, I took it again when I had pain for 1 month, and in between, I was pain-free for 2-3 months. I feel much better, and above all, I don’t have to take any more painkillers. I still do the exercises I learned in pain relief physiotherapy often, and I am very happy that I no longer have severe and constant pain in my back, arms, and legs.

Jane Z. [verified customer]


After two months of taking Active Move, the pain in my ankle and foot has stopped. I hope it stays that way. According to the doctor’s opinion and the imaging of the foot, the pain is due to wear and tear of the joint.

Jenny P. [verified customer]


After using Active Move for a few months, I can say that it really helps. I have 2-3 degrees of cartilage wear in my knee and a torn meniscus. I have been to two orthopaedists, and one wanted to sell me therapies worth from ยฃ500 to ยฃ4800 โ€“ per knee! But nowhere did I have any guarantee that it would be at least 50% better in the long term. The other orthopaedic surgeon told me that I was not an athlete and that I should stick to the limits he had given me. I am approaching 60, but I have been quite active in brisk walking (about 40 km) every week. A year and a half ago, everything fell apart for me. I could hardly manage my job; I have a standing job. As a result, I started to put on weight. I found your product by chance, and after so much time, I can say that it alleviates my problems. I still feel the stinging, but I walk up the stairs like an adult and not like a little child, one leg at a time. I don’t dare go hiking yet. That’s my next challenge.
I waited a long time to write this review because I was sceptical.
But thank you for being there.
Best, Ida

Ida K. [verified customer]


As advertised, after a month of taking Active Move, the pain in my hips and lower back subsides a lot. Taking it regularly and moving around makes life a lot easier. I have already ordered your large bundle to continue the treatment.
Thank you, and best regards!
John L.

John L. [verified customer]


For me, the product has reduced pain in both my joints and my spine.

Tony B. [verified customer]


I bought it for my mum, who has ankle problems, to the extent that she has not sat on the sofa for some time, but has to half-sit, half-lie on it, looking for a pain-free pose. Almost every night before going to bed, she had to take a painkiller. She also could not put her weight on her foot and used to bend it so her foot was already obviously crooked to look at. Now or after taking the capsules, the situation is as follows: my mum can sit normally on the sofa and has no pain. She still cannot put all her weight on her deformed leg, which is also understandable. This change was already visible after 10 days of taking it. Mum was so happy that her friends have also started taking it.

Ada S. [verified customer]


Already after the first pack, I can feel the difference.
Due to a bad car accident three years ago, where I suffered 19 fractures, I had great difficulty with neck and elbow mobility. And pain in my spine. The pain has decreased.

Bianca W. [verified customer]


Cartilage wear and tear caused my knees to ache, mostly at night. Since I have been taking Active Move, the pain has gone away.

Stacy P. [verified customer]

After reading this, you probably know that nothing is lost, because with the right approach, you can achieve a flexible and light body without pain.

It only takes one step in the right direction, and everything can be different.

The testimonials of satisfied users prove that Active Move effectively eliminates joint pain, and regular use significantly improves joint flexibility and mobility.

If you’ve had enough joint pain, it’s time to try Active Move capsules!

If you’re still having second thoughts about ordering, let us finish with this: if you don’t see the results you want, we’ll give you a full refund. You can return the empty packaging to us within 60 days, and we’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.
Golden Tree Active Move - izkuลกnje uporabnikov

This way, you don’t have to worry about your order because your health and 100% satisfaction are our top priorities.

Judging by the messages of appreciation that arrive in our inbox every day, we have no doubt that Active Move capsules will delight you too.

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