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Sagging skin? Get rid of it with this simple morning trick

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Posted on: 29/11/2023
Sagging skin? Get rid of it with this simple morning trick

It’s no secret that we worry about many different things in life.

But there are only a few things that we all dread.

And if any, then the fear associated with premature ageing is one of the top concerns.

And for a very specific reason.

It is a fear that is widespread among both women and men, and is closely linked to the most obvious signs of ageing.

That is sagging skin.

Loss of skin volume is an issue that can have a significant impact on your self-confidence, well-being, energy levels and, consequently, on your quality of life.

Fortunately, your age, your skin type or your genetics don’t determine whether you experience this symptom.

Remember, most skin volume loss stems from the choices you make. The exact culprits will be unveiled below. However, that’s just the beginning.

In this post, we’ll guide you on preventing sagging skin from derailing your plans and ensuring you appear younger than your peers for an extended period. A key player in this strategy takes just 30 seconds a day, delivering tighter, younger-looking skin in a mere five minutes.

Stay tuned as we unravel these secrets and more shortly.

Before diving into the eagerly awaited information, let’s quickly touch on some basics. This will ensure you grasp why we’re advocating for a winning strategy that yields fantastic results.

The situation is as follows: The suppleness, tone, radiance, and youthfulness of your skin hinge significantly on two pivotal factors that impact skin elasticity.

Specifically, two proteins.

Collagen and elastin

These are:

  • Collagen
  • Elastin

If you want to make sure that sagging skin on your face and other parts of your body doesn’t affect your confidence and well-being, you need to focus your attention one these proteins.

In practice, this means that you first of all need to be protecting these two building blocks of youthful and healthy skin.

As we have already mentioned, this is mainly due to various factors that can compromise the structure of collagen and elastin fibres.




The main culprits include:

  • Losing too much weight or losing it too quickly
  • Overexposure to the sun’s rays
  • A lack of proper sleep
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Slowed collagen production
  • A lack of moisture in the skin
  • Hormonal changes
  • Environmental pollution
  • Chronic stress
  • Smoking

It is therefore your job to protect your skin from these enemies in the first place.

Read on to find out how.


Sagging skin at a young age is often the consequence of rapid and substantial weight loss. This common misstep typically arises from a combination of an intense desire for swift results and an ineffective weight loss strategy.

In practical terms, this implies that the skin lacks adequate time to adapt to the changes. Simultaneously, an overly aggressive calorie deficit—the most detrimental pitfall in misguided weight loss approaches—forces the body to deplete its own nutrient reserves, as survival is a fundamental function of our body.

This process leads to the breakdown of essential proteins, including collagen and elastin. Consequently, the skin loses its elasticity, and this is most noticeable in areas where fat was previously concentrated.

Sagging skin on stomach

It’s disheartening for many individuals taking the wrong approach to their transformation, as they observe…

  • Sagging skin on their stomach
  • Sagging skin on their inner thighs

To avoid these problems, I advise you to think of losing more weight as a marathon, not as a sprint.

What does that mean?

To simply take your time and make the transformation in a thoughtful way.

This is mainly so you don’t shock your body, and so you can ensure that your fit physique gets toned skin, in addition to a lower percentage of excess fat and more pronounced muscle tone.

Well, what about if you’ve already made this mistake?

Don’t worry.

Here we reveal what you can do to help you with excess skin.

But first things first.


Before we delve into the comprehensive tips, let’s address some of the hazards that can contribute to this inconvenience over time.
Overexposure to sun

It’s crucial to start considering the adversaries your skin may face early on. Prevention, with proper skincare as a fundamental element, plays a pivotal role if you aim to maintain a youthful appearance as you age.

Above all, bear in mind that shielding yourself from potentially harmful sunlight forms the foundation of maintaining a youthful look. Merely applying sunscreen during the summer months falls short. To effectively guard against dangerous ultraviolet (UV) light, incorporate a daily skincare routine that includes at least one application of a sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor).

This is the sole method to shield your skin’s texture from the sun’s rays, which can, day after day, wreak havoc on skin cells and, consequently, significantly impact your skin’s appearance over time — leading to deep wrinkles and other imperfections.

It’s worth emphasizing that sagging skin in old age often results from a delayed reaction. Effective skincare at a young age is the cornerstone for an enduring youthful appearance.

So, don’t let sagging skin under your eyes and on your face bother you simply because you skipped applying SPF cream once a day.


Beyond the havoc wreaked by UV rays causing oxidative stress (thanks to those pesky free radicals attacking your cells), there are other stressors your body identifies that can lead to a similar situation.

Some of the most dangerous for your skin are:
Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Eating lots of highly processed foods
  • A lack of proper sleep
  • Negative emotions

All these habits, like UV rays, destroy collagen and elastin fibres, which significantly increases the likelihood of skin problems making you feel unwell.

So make sure you try to live as healthy, active and balanced a lifestyle as possible (healthy, varied diet, regular exercise, good quality sleep, etc.) day after day.


Well, in addition to the ones already mentioned, we must necessarily point out one more situation.

Sagging skin after the age of 50 often affects those who forget to patch up a dangerous deficiency in their skin.

This is a condition directly related to the slowing down of the production of the aforementioned protein, collagen. After the age of 25, the body is able to produce less and less of it without additional help.

Given this information, it is no longer surprising that this is the time when we start to notice the first, albeit very subtle, signs of ageing, such as fine lines.

Over time, however, the collagen deficiency becomes larger and larger, and the sagging skin becomes more pronounced.

That’s why, as with SPF cream, it’s crucial to trust the right solution and help your body early on.


Proper skincare, adopting a healthy lifestyle, ensuring healthy weight loss, and promptly addressing collagen deficiency are undoubtedly tactics that frequently fall into the category of preventive measures.

However, the lingering question remains: What can you do if you’re already bothered by the loss of volume, yearning for tighter skin and a more youthful appearance? Fear not, as you’re about to discover—the battle is far from lost.

The most suitable option largely depends on your specific situation. The crucial takeaway is that, under no circumstances, should you throw in the towel. There are solutions worth exploring.

Surgical procedures to remove sagging skin

First, let’s shed light on the option considered the most challenging, primarily targeted at individuals grappling with a gloomy mood due to severe skin problems.

As mentioned earlier, this often occurs when someone has shed a significant number of kilograms within a relatively short timeframe, causing the skin to undergo such drastic changes that it struggles to keep pace.

To be frank, in such instances, no skincare treatment can deliver the desired results. Thus, consulting a professional is the initial and crucial step to contemplate if you genuinely seek a transformation.

Surgery becomes a recommended avenue, especially when grappling with…

  • Sagging skin on the upper arm (brachioplasty),
  • Sagging skin on their stomach (abdominoplasty)
  • Sagging skin on the legs and buttocks


As far as fillers are concerned, the advantage compared to other options is that you notice a change in your skin in a very short time. On the downside, it is a substance that you inject into your body, which some people find objectionable.

As always, the final decision is yours.


This method involves removing fat from one part of the body and transplanting it to another part.


Implants are placed under the skin to add volume to a specific part of the body.


As we have already mentioned, surgical interventions are mainly used when we are talking about very noticeable sagging skin.

But what about when the skin is not so badly damaged?

Well, in this case, beauty treatments or dermatological treatments are what makes sense to focus on.

Of course, the range of options is also very wide.

Among the most well-known are…

  • Fillers
  • Medical laser treatments
  • Ultrasound treatments

Whichever option we are talking about, it is important to remember that these beauty treatments require the presence and expertise of a specialist dermatologist. They will decide which solution will deliver the best possible results.

Medical lasers


Well, unlike fillers, devices such as medical lasers and HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) devices are designed for a slightly different strategy.

It is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment based on the principle of accelerated collagen synthesis, which, as you already know, is the main building block for healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin.

This means that while you may have to wait a little longer to see results, these are treatments that are completely painless and effective, which is why they are so popular.

Whether you’re frustrated by sagging skin during menopause, after pregnancy or just want to freshen up your look, these are options that are definitely worth considering.


In addition to the above, it’s worth considering a solution linked to a discovery by French scientists that has a definite impact on the condition of your skin.

This is a finding that reveals that, in addition to collagen and elastin, a substance called progerin is deposited in our skin over time.

In the early days, this finding was not considered anything special, until scientists realised that it is a substance that has a markedly negative effect on the condition of your skin.

The reason why is very interesting…

To everyone’s surprise, the experts found that it is a substance considered to be a destroyer of both collagen and elastin.

And with more and more progerin in our skin over time, it’s no wonder that the signs of ageing are becoming more and more obvious, as the main building blocks of healthy and youthful skin are constantly under attack from this enemy of youthfulness.

The consequences of this unwanted process are of course clear…

Increasingly tired, increasingly thin and, yes, increasingly saggy skin.

So we decided to work with a team of experts to find a holistic solution and offer a revolutionary solution to anyone who wants to look and feel youthful.

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that we have done exactly that.

Led by one of the most renowned cosmetic surgery experts in Europe, Dr Fabjan, we have developed a solution that focuses on five key factors associated with healthy, toned, radiant and youthful skin.

It is a unique formulation that uses clinically proven ingredients to:

  • Reduce dangerous progerin in your skin
  • Improve collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Improve skin volume
  • Visibly smooth wrinkles
  • Reduce sagging of the skin on the face and neck

All that with just a single solution.

Golden Tree Ageless is considered a solution that refreshes your look and keeps sagging skin from ruining your plans.

All this thanks to carefully selected ingredients.

  • Juvenessence™ winged algae extract is a patented anti-ageing active ingredient that reduces skin progerin levels by an incredible 79% in mature-age skin.
  • Easyliance™ hydrolysed acacia resin biopolymer.
  • Patented Majestem™ extract that protects against oxidative stress and restores the skin’s toned appearance.
  • Green tea extract, incredibly rich in antioxidants that create a “barrier” and help protect the skin from environmental damage.
  • Grape seed oil, rich in amino acids, vitamins and omega fatty acids, which are essential for firm, toned skin and a naturally radiant appearance.
  • Vitamin C in rosehip oil, which restores the skin’s smoothness and natural radiance. It also stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and reduces pigmentation.
  • Argan oil, an excellent skin moisturiser and is packed with vitamin E that has a powerful antioxidant effect, making it very beneficial for mature skin.
  • Rosemary extract is considered one of the best natural antioxidant extracts and is antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal).And
  • Centella asiatica or Asian pennywort, a soothing ingredient with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties, suitable for every skin type and helps reverse ageing.

All these fantastic ingredients in one solution…
Golden Tree Ageless - a miracle solution for sagging skin

Golden Tree Ageless.

And that’s not all!

What will surprise you even more is that you can try this revolutionary cream without any risk.

We’ll refund your purchase price in full if the solution doesn’t meet your expectations and you don’t think the results are what you want.

And without a lengthy procedure. Just let us know your decision by email and we’ll make sure the purchase price is refunded to your bank account as soon as possible.

You can’t say fairer than that!

So don’t delay, order your Golden Tree Ageless anti-ageing cream pack quickly and give your skin what it needs to look fresh, healthy and youthful.

Also, check out testemonials of our Ageless customers.

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