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Ageless – an anti-wrinkle cream with immediate effect: testimonials

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Posted on: 08/09/2023
Ageless – an anti-wrinkle cream with immediate effect: testimonials

Do you also value the insights and experiences you have gained over the years? But then a glance in the mirror reminds you that the years have left their mark on your face?

In the flood of products on offer, a good anti-wrinkle cream is still a rarity.

But we want to offer you only the best. That’s why we invited Dr Fabjan, a top expert in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, and his team to partner up with Golden Tree. 

This is how our Ageless anti-wrinkle cream was born, and it has proved to be a true dermatological miracle.

It has not only exceeded the already high expectations of the Golden Tree team, it has also impressed our clients. 

Which is saying something!

Every time we receive a message about the incredible effects of our Ageless cream, we are overjoyed. 

It’s crazy how amazing the results of the right people working together and using the right ingredients can be!

What we find even more inspiring is that our Ageless anti-wrinkle cream has a whole host of beneficial properties and effectively takes care of different skin types.

Now we are happy to let our satisfied customers have the floor. See which benefits of Ageless they particularly highlighted…


I’m 64 years old. Although I may not look exactly 10 years younger, my skin being smooth to the touch and having a few less wrinkles mean a lot to me.

Monika L.


I started using Golden Tree’s Ageless cream 3 weeks ago and the results are already noticeable. I love how it plumps my skin and smooths the wrinkles on my face and neck. I feel years younger! This is my go-to cream now! It’s the real deal and so is the price.

Natalie M.


The cream suits me very well, even though I am an allergy sufferer with very sensitive skin. It is lightweight, absorbs beautifully and does not leave the skin looking oily. It’s very moisturising and nourishing.

Victoria C.


It’s a great cream, it’s light, it’s not perfumed, it absorbs well and doesn’t clog pores, so it’s also suitable for oily skin, and it makes the skin feel more “elastic” after you use it. I also find that my wrinkles are less noticeable after a month of use.

Sue W.


The first time I used it, I noticed a slight tightening of the skin and thought that the cream alone wouldn’t be enough, but then the team at Golden Tree reassured me that this is a lifting effect, which is often confused with tightening (if the cream is not moisturising enough). Otherwise, I find it very moisturising, it suits my skin. I can totally recommend it!

Annaliese S.


I used to use 3 moisturising serums, which I applied one after the other, but now I get the same effect with just this cream.

Angela P.


I have been using the cream for a few weeks now and the results are excellent. The wrinkles around my eyes and around my mouth are smaller. Great!!!

Tatiana R.


I’ve been using your cream for a month now. It’s still too early to make any claims about looking younger. But I can definitely confirm that the cream is working well on my sensitive skin, which is a win in my books. It might even be the first time that I didn’t get that sticky feeling after applying it. Instead, the cream just melted into my skin. So far I am VERY happy. Although I am a bit surprised that some customers said it smells good. As far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t got any scent and I’m actually glad about that. I will definitely buy it again, because after a month I really can’t expect my skin to be transformed yet. I love having it as part of my skincare routine and it will soon be replaced by a new one. I know I can’t expect miracles, but so far my skin feels and looks good. I will order it again soon!

Maggie T.


I use it as a night cream because my skin is oily even though it is mature. I will keep using it and see how it goes. So far, so good.

Beryl S.


It absorbs beautifully as it has a very pleasant, light texture, so I think it would suit those with combination or oily skin. I have dry skin, so I combine it with a serum and, of course, sunscreen during the day. And it works perfectly, it doesn’t pill at all. If I only apply Ageless, it’s a bit too little or too light for me. It doesn’t have a strong scent and comes in packaging that has a pump, which I like.
After applying it, my skin is beautifully moisturised and appears radiant. You can’t see what the effects will be on the wrinkles overnight, so I’ll wait another month or two. 🙂

Lisa F.

Ageless krema proti gubam s takojšnjim učinkom - izkušnje uporabnic

You can imagine how good it feels to get such a positive reaction to a product.

Seize the opportunity and try our Ageless cream too!

Remember how good it feels to see a youthful and radiant face in the mirror.

And what is the secret behind Ageless?

In fact, there’s no secret, just science.

The cream lowers the level of a protein called progerin in the skin.

Ageless krema proti gubam - izkušnje

This protein is not very well-known, but if you realise that progerin destroys collagen and inhibits elastin, its negative effects are much easier to understand, right?

It’s not easy to target all skin issues at once – but a good anti-wrinkle cream nourishes the skin, soothes and tones. While most
creams focus on a single aspect, Ageless anti-wrinkle cream addresses several things at once.

Moreover, the use of the cream is not limited to the face and neck area. Customers also report incredible effects on their chest and cleavage, shoulders and other parts of the body.

Still worried that you won’t like Ageless anti-wrinkle cream?

Try it for yourself and if you’re not convinced, we’ll refund your purchase price.

You may have heard the advice not to laugh too much to avoid getting unwanted wrinkles.

But we’ve never agreed with it. In fact, you could say it was laughable advice. Instead, enjoy your smile and enjoy life.

And let Ageless do all the work!

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